Why India is soo Filthy? – EWB TKREC

Why India is soo Filthy? – EWB TKREC

EWB-TKREC conducted an activity called “Why India is soo Filthy”. It  is little updated one than Swach Bharat. In this activity we are going to clean the spot at first and will go for painting of the spot, after that will go for Awareness in and around that community about cleanliness.

EWB-TKREC is looking forward to start a pilot project on Solid waste management. For this they spotted a community in  Meerpet, Medbowli, Hyderabad. In this project we are looking for donors for dust bins for that community. We are in a plan to segregate the waste at the household itself by providing them dustbins along with an awareness campaign.

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