Water Sump Project (MJCET Hyderabad chapter, water)


Construction of underground Water sump at Government High School, Goudapalli at Rasoolpura, Hyderabad was undertaken. This project was successfully initiated and completed by the students of EWB MJCET Chapter in association with BHUMI Foundation.  The funds support has been from Rotary Club of Hyderabad Airport.

The mission of the project was to provide the school with an underground sump, which can store water up to 5000 liters. This water can be used for drinking and sanitation.  Although the school was being provided with 5000Lit/day, they do not have basic storage facility. By undertaking this project, we addressed the water storage facility to the school and prevent the water from contamination.   The school was facing water storage problems.  Around 600 students from Govt. High school at Rasoolpura will be benefitted through this project.

On the completion of this project, now the school has the basic water storage and distribution facility, easy accessible water for drinking and sanitation purposes.  The issues of contamination has been addressed.WATER SUMP PROJECTWATER SUMP PROJECT

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