SATURDAY TEACHINGS – St.Alphonsus High School (EWB Bengaluru)

Saturday Teaching
 Weekend teacher to strengthen future
  by EWB-Bengaluru

Bengaluru chapter of Engineers Without Border (EWB), had kick started ‘Saturday Teaching’ project on 8th August 2015 at St.Alphonsus High School, Davis Road, Bengaluru. EWB works for reaching technological solutions to the society.

Scientists, Engineers and professionals of EWB-Bengaluru have started teaching on Saturdays at Govt and Govt aided schools. Recently, Govt of Karnataka had launched a programme to involve citizens as teachers in its schools, with the slogan “Shalege banni Shanivaara, Kaliyalu Needi Sahakara” (Come to school on Saturdays, help in learning). Aim of the scheme is to improve quality of teaching and expose students to the latest developments.

DRDO Scientists V.Dillibabu and A.Munjunath who are part of EWB-Bengaluru, taught the students of St.Alphonsus School. While Mr.A.Manjunath stressed the need for learning scientific concepts through experiments, V.Dillibabu exposed the students, the science behind aircraft and helicopters. A multimedia presentation on aircraft technologies thrilled the students. The contribution of Indian R&D efforts in the field of aeronautics was well received by students and science teachers.
Students were very inquisitive and wanted to know why does only one pilot fly a fighter aircraft? What is the material used for making parachutes?  ‘After the class, I have clearly understood Bernoulli’s principle’, stated a science teacher.

EWB-Bengaluru chapter which is conducting ‘Saturday Teaching’ is intended to introduce career and skill development classes in addition to teaching science, maths and english. Initial classes are planned to introduce the practical applications of science and maths concepts to generate interest in students. EWB plans to extend the services to many schools in bengaluru and nearby districts. One class per Saturday per school is presently being scheduled.

Professionals working at DRDO, HAL, ONGC, Infosys, Academia and other private industries spend their weekend leisure time with EWB-Bengaluru to bring technological solutions closer to the society. ‘Saturday Teaching’ project launched with a tag line, ‘Weekend teacher to strengthen future’ is an instant hit among the schools and professionals.

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