Ralamandal Project (EWB-IET DAVV Indore chapter, water)

Our project aims towards the growth and sustainable development of the community in Ralamandal area by providing basic amenitie and infrastructure support to the local school in rural area that are deprived of the basic facilities and need external help.

The organization is a Ralamandal school situated about 8 kms away from Indore (M.P) in a rural village Ralamandal.

Our mission is

1) To provide water storage and drinking facility.

2) To design and install a simple water purification unit at the tubewell outlet.

3) To provide furniture and floor mats for the children to sit.

4) To repair leaking ceilings in the classrooms.

5) To implement a rain water harvesting project in the school premises.

6) Involve students and teachers in rain water harvesting.

400 school staff and students are directly Benefitted from the project.

The people indirectly Affected Benefitted: include local public and local authorities ,this school is the only school serving the children in 18 villages, with a total population of around 40,000.At present the school population is just 400, which shows that a very large number of children among the 40,000 population are deprived of basic schooling. A fully developed school will attract a lot more children & open the gates for general devlopement in area. The first step has already been done. This was installing a water purification system.RALAMANDAL PROJECT RALAMANDAL PROJECT

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