Ralamandal educational project (EWB-IET DAVV Indore chapter, general)


Students of EWB-IET Chapter undertook the Ralamandal Project 2013-2014 which focused on providing the basic amenities in the field of education for the students of the government school situated in RALAMANDAL.


To provide the school with a feasible computer lab in order to raise their standard of education and letting the students get acquainted with the most vital technology of present era.

Project Overview:

The journey began with an informative and observational assessment trip of the school under consideration which proved instrumental in displaying the difficulties that the school faced in providing education to the underprivileged children of the area. The most feasible solution was E-learning which can be implemented by setting up a computer lab in the school.

Hardware Donation Camp

Hardware Donation Camp was organized by EWB-IET students wherein spare computer parts like RAMs ,hard disk etc in working condition which would sum to assemble about 5-6 computers. Also, IET college administration has sanctioned computers for the same noble cause .The project accomplished successfully .We thus, look forward for a brighter future of the Ralamandal kids with the immense help and support of EWB as well as IET.

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