Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystem ( EWB MJCET Chapter )

Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystem

Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystem 26th– 27th March 2015


At Mufakkham Jah College of Engineering and Technology (MJCET), Hyderabad

Organized by

Engineers Without Borders – MJCET Student Chapter

In association with

EWB Student Chapters of BITS Hyderabad, Gitam University, GNITC and TKREC

Program Summary

26th Mar ‘15

Inaugural Session (10:30 – 11:30 am)

Mr. Prashant Reddy, President, EWB MJCET Student Chapter has spoken in the inaugural session and explained how EWB MJCET is moving ahead with a vision to establish itself in a strongest way possible i.e. through construction of India’s first student club green building, launching website, undertaking the annual conference of “Technologies for Sustainable Ecosystem”, Signing an MoU with EWB USA chapters and undertaking projects for development of society. He has welcomed all the dignitaries on the stage.

Dr. Basheer Ahmed, Director, MJCET, Hyderabad has explained how the work by EWB

MJCET has been bringing laurels to MJCET in an international stature. He also mentioned how teams from EWB-USA coming all the way to India to work with, makes them proud

 Dr. Shaukat Mirza, Chairman, EWB – India also stated the importance of EWB MJCET and its international stature. Dr. Shaukath Mirza eventually mentions about the initiation of Dr. Ali Ansari, Founder, EWB India to establish this NGO. He mentioned that the kind of support EWB MJCET is receiving from MJCET college is commendable

Keynote Address: Energy Conservation

Dr. Ranganayakulu Bodavala – the Founder & CMD of Thrive Solar speaks with the students and mentioned technical forecasts with current trends of technological developments. He says “Utilization of a 50 Sq. Kms area in Thar Desert of Rajasthan for generation of Solar Energy is surpass the whole country’s requirement of 80,000 MW and generate 1,00,000 MW and also conserves natural resources”. He said “Exploration of technology is very much needed to tackle social problems and EWB MJCET’s steps towards it have been amazing. He also mentioned the development of LED bulbs in Japan by Dr. Shuji Nakamura of Nichia Corporation in 1994. Dr. Ranganayakulu mentioned the drastic conditions of eastern and north-eastern India which lack the power grid and supply throughout. He has demonstrated his products of his own company Thrive Solar and has kindly answered the question from students in terms of life of the lamps. He stated that “disruptive technological advancements of battery technology are yet to be experienced and Tesla Motors are working on it”.

Dr. Ashok Agarwal, Director, EWB – International, has mentioned how the future

Technological advances of robots of a size of tablet will effect the human race and increase the average life to 250 years.

Mrs. Ishrat Meera Mirzana, Faculty Advisor EWB MJCET Student Chapter has explained about the conference and the number of paper presentations to be discussed in this program. She thanked all the dignitaries.

Session I (11:45 – 01:00 pm)

Invited Lecture: Energy Conservation

Mr. Ryan C. Kretch, EWB USA has given his experiences on energy conservation and green buildings, over his visit to China and East Asia last year. He has mentioned the relative comparison of resource conservation by green buildings and traditional buildings.

He has explained how various top notch brands in the world have adopted the energy conservation and green building concepts. The projects he has been associated in Hyderabad area have been unique; Allika project was close to Indian nativity

Session II (02:00 – 03:15 pm)

Invited Lecture: Water Conservation

Mr. Madhu Reddy, Alumni (IIT Bombay) has been representing WHEELS foundation and his work to develop 10 villages in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States has been very high impact. Mr. Madhu Reddy explained how the segregation of water and conservation of water in every house is a must. He has mentioned his experiences in drinking recycled water in Singapore. He explained how the fluoride levels are very high in almost every districts of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh states.

Session III ( 03:30 – 04:30 pm)

Invited Lecture 1: Organic Farming- Waste to Resource Solutio

By: Dr. Narayanan Murthy, Founder/CEO, on Organic Farming

27th Mar ‘15

 Swatch Bharat ( 9:00 – 10:00 am)

Session IV (10:15 – 11.30 am)

Invited Lecture 1: Green Buildings

By: Dr. Satyanarayana, Head R & D centre , Hyderabad Industries Limited(HIL)

Invited lecture 2: Waste to Resource Solutions

By: Dr. Prakasam Tata, Executive Director, Center for the Transformation of Waste Technology, USA, has visited EWB MJCET conference and shared his views on social service, water conservation. He has mentioned his journey from a normal person to the present and his view points on conservation of water, minimizing the water wastage in our country. He made all the students to take oath in this regards. He re-energized the students group in the hall with his inspiring talk.

Student Project Displays:

Biodiesel- An alternate fuel: Members of EWB MJCET Syed Imran, Shaik Rauhon Ahmed have come up with a solution to fuel crisis and made bio diesel from plants. It was concluded that fuel generated in all the stages of production has been utilized by some or the other way. This process is about 90% efficient and cost of diesel in bulk production will be Rs.50-55

(Figure: Team EWB MJCET with the innovation Bio Diesel)

Foot Operated Tap: This innovation foot operated tap is an initiative of EWB MJCET to conserve water. This project was collectively executed by Shaik Showkath and Md. Maqsood. This saves about 40% of water compared to regular tap. This systems is cost effective and costs only Rs. 700/-. It is very much helpful for Doctors, Labors etc., who cannot touch the tap with soiled hands.


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