Integrated Approach in civil engineering – EWB TKREC

Integrated Approach in civil engineering – EWB TKREC

Integrated Approach in civil engineering by TKREC in association with EWB-India on September  10 and 11, 2015.

The vision of the conference was to give an outlook for a student of civil engineering an outlook on updated technology in different aspects in Civil Engineering such as Geotechnology, Structures, Sustainability, Construction management, Advances in Concrete Technology etc.
EWB-TKREC  took this challenge to organize conference in a very a short time, though we had very less time to got the things done. We were very much cocky that we will succeed. We planned the things, Work division was done, coordinators for different team were appointed.
Within two day’s of time 350 registrations were done. It was a great experience organizing conference for us. We got the fund of about 43,000/- from the conference. We are starting our first phase of work for our model school by providing them Black Boards, Eating Spot along with vermi composting site, Installation of solar panels for computer lab and bore well with the funds collected.

For the Inaugural of the conference Dr Shaukat Mirza, Chairman EWB-India; Dr SR Rama Swamy Garu , Director TKR Educational Society; Dr P Ram Mohan Rao Garu, Prncipal TKREC;  Prof D Lamkshmikanth Garu, Dean Student welfare, Jamaluddin, HOD Civil Engineering Department; Dr VJE Carolyn, Faculty Advisor EWB-TKREC were present and the Faculty of Civil Engineering Department were present.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Agarwal, Director EWB-India; Mr Mangesh R Gupte, Director and Heads Corporate Social Responsibility  atDr Reddy’s Lab were present.The event was sponsored by SIS BIM Autodesk, Consultancy and training center for Integrated Information Modelling and EWB-India.


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