Innovative Idea Contest – EWB Bangalore (July 2016)

EWB-Bengaluru Professional Chapter conducted ‘Innovative Idea Contest’ to tap the creative potential of engineering students. Ideas in the form of A3 posters were invited on the following themes which are in alignment with EWB-B

  1. Green energy solutions
  2. Water, sanitation & Public hygiene
  3. Employment generation & education
  4. Healthcare
  5. Welfare of fellow citizens


15 entries from engineering institutions from Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Telangana were received. Three juries from EWB-B reviewed and graded the ideas.


First place: ‘E-Ticket for transport system’ by BMS College of Engineering.

Anjana Achar, Ashwini M, Divya KP and Sunaina Rashmi from Dept of Information Science & Engineering of BMS college of engineering won the first place for their idea on ‘E-Ticket for transport system’. Smart card and smart phone based system does away with paper ticket. Scanner held by bus conductors will identify smart cards and send tickets by SMS. Additionally printing of tickets is also possible for passengers without smart card or phones. The team had estimated the cost of demo unit under Rs.10,000/-  The team was guided by Prof.Rajeswari.

BMS team receiving award from Lt.Gen(Rtd.) VJ Sundaram and Padmashree Dr.RM Vasagam.

BMS team receiving award from Lt.Gen(Rtd.) VJ Sundaram and Padmashree Dr.RM Vasagam.

Second Place:    ‘Traffic control based on vehicle density’ by Sambhram Institute of Technology, Bengaluru

Charan, Harshavardhana, Praveen, Sahana, Rajarajeshwari and Suhashini of Dept of Electronics and Communication Engineering have proposed the idea.   Sensors placed at certain distance from signal poles would provide the real time data on vehicle density. Microcontrollers in the circuit would then increase or decrease the traffic signal duration. Presently traffic signal are either manually controlled or by pre-set time duration. The project was guided by Prof. Dr.Ravishankar.

Sambhram Team receiving the award

Sambhram Team receiving the award

Third Place: ‘Smart learning via Holo lens’ by Dheerajlal Gandhi College of Technology, Salem, Tamilnadu.

K.Bhuvan Meenaskshi and M.Ashly Rose Mathew of Dept of Computer Science and Engineering proposed the idea under the guidance of Prof.B.Narmada. The idea proposes an interactive learning experience with the use of wearable holo lens. Lens and an integrated software module would enable the learner to zoom on to a specific area of the computer screen. This makes learning science & technology very interactive for school and college students.

Dheerajlal team receiving the award

Consolation Prize: ‘Lift Plzzz-A community based ride sharing mobile app’ by TKR Engineering College, Hyderabad, Talangana

Mr.Saikiran Gaddam had developed the mobile app for vehicle pooling and social networking. As of now, pooling of vehicles is limited to apps by certain enterprises. This social networking based app brings ride sharing within the reach of everyone.

Mr.Saikiran receiving consolation prize

EWB-B would continue to support the award winning teams to convert their ideas in to prototypes. The award ceremony was attended by scientists & engineers of EWB-B and students from 8 engineering institutions from three south Indian states.


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