Inauguration of EWB-Student Chapter at Jairupaa College of Engineering, Tiruppur

Inauguration of EWB-Student Chapter at Jairupaa College of Engineering, Tiruppur

Student Chapter of EWB was inaugurated at Jairupaa College of Engineering, Tiruppur on 02nd Oct 2015.

Dr.Shaukat Ali Mirza, Chairman, EWV-India had inaugurated the student chapter. Chairman of the Institute, Mr.KS Krishnamoorthy and Secretart of the Institute Ms.K.Vijayalakshmi presided over the event. Dr.N.Nanthini, Principal welcomed the gathering.

Be socially responsible
Dr.Shaukat Ali Mirza encouraged students to be socially responsible. In his address, he said that the word engineer meant genius.  Genius is the one who finds solution to the problem. He asked to students to find solutions to the problems faced by fellow countrymen. He also stressed that no government could manage the demands of citizens. Hence, young engineers need to contribute to the society. He observed that EWB fills the gap as there is no scope in the present education system to build social responsibility.

Come on rural youth
‘Many achievers who made the country proud are from rural India’ noted V.Dillibabu, President, EWB-Bengaluru in his felicitation address. Quoting Dr.APJ Abdulkalam, Dr.A.Sivathanupillai and Dr.M.Annadurai, he urged the students to prepare themselves for the future role. He also warned students against wasting their valuable time. Social media and television are changing our youth from an irresistible force to an immovable object, observed V.Dillibabu.

Utilize your knowledge
Mr.A.Manjunath, Professional member, EWB-Bengaluru called for creating new products and technology for the benefit of common man. He urged the student to utilize their technical skills and knowledge to device innovative products for the society.

The event was attended by Head of various departments of the institute and faculty members. About 200 student members had participated. The event was followed by a cultural program presented by the students.

IMG_8918Dr.Shaukat Ali Mirza inaugurating the student chapter


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