EWB – SRM Plantation Drive


On 7th February 2016, EWB SRM Chapter inaugurated the Plantation Drive in SRM University with the aim of planting of 2016 saplings on the year 2016 in association with EWB Chennai Professional Chapter and was supported by SRM Environmental Club, SRM Enactus Team and SRM Agriculture Department with the total strength of about 70+ students. The chief guest of the day was Mrs. Mangalam Balasubarmanian and from SRM Dr. Paromita Chakraborty, Assistant Prof, Department of Civil Engineering, SRM Research Institute represented the EWB SRM Chapter.

The plantation drive is divided into four phases in which 504 saplings will be planted in each phase. The plantation drive is organized for creating social awareness among the students as well as in society about the importance of trees and plants. Students from various disciplines participated in the plantation drive with great enthusiasm and with great love towards our own environment.

The phase 1 completed on the same day by planting 504 saplings and was divided into two sessions. First session was in the morning from 8:30am to 12:30pm. And second session was from 3:30pm to 6:30pm including the inauguration of the plantation drive. The site allotted for plantation were near Potheri lake back side of Girls Hostel, SRM University and another one was Dental ground, SRM University.
The morning session started at 8:30am in the morning by gathering of the students in front of the University Building. From their all the saplings and plants were transported at the site near back side of Girls Hostel with the help of SRM Agriculture Department as well as with the help of students. Till 12:30pm around 420 saplings were planted including 50 big size trees at the site. All students participated with the great enthusiasm and hard work and showed their duty towards the environment. The pits for big size trees were already excavated by SRM Agriculture Department by keeping safety of students in their mind. For small saplings the pits were digged by students at the site. The morning session ended with the joy and happiness on each student face for their contribution towards keeping environment green.  After completing the morning session all the students were given break of 3 hours for rest and lunch.

In the afternoon session, the inaugural was inaugurated by Mrs. Mangalam Balasubarmanian, Head of Exnora Green Pammal, Dr. Paromita Chakraborty, Assistant Prof, SRM Research Institute and Mrs. Lubna Yasmeen, President of EWB Chennai in the CRC seminar hall, Main Campus, SRM University in the presence of all students who participated in the plantation drive. Mr. D Gokul, Founder and Ex-President of EWB Chennai were also present in the inaugural of noble cause. The function was started by Mr. Sourabh Tuwani, Secretary of EWB SRM Chapter by the introduction of our chapter and also he addressed the gathering. The function was presided over by the chief guest Mrs. Mangalam Balasubarmanian by her energetic speech and with a quote


She shared her experience with students and also emphasizing them for the plantation of trees. After that Mrs. Paromita Chakraborty encouraged the students for doing great for helping others in the future also. Mrs. Lubna Yasmeen also took podium and shared her views and she encouraged more students to come forward and help others and be a part of this green movement in the future also. She also appreciated all the SRM Chapters and clubs who participated in the drive and also gave big thanks to the SRM Agriculture Department who helped us at each and every step of this plantation drive. Mr. D Gokul appreciated the efforts of EWB SRM Chapter, SRM Environmental Club and SRM Enactus Team for taking the step towards the green movement. After the speeches the dignitaries and also all the students were moved towards the site at Dental ground for the plantation of rest 30 saplings by the hands of our chief guest and from other professional members for completing the phase 1 of EWB SRM Chapter target of planting 2016 saplings.

We are extremely thankful for all the supports given by SRM Management and SRM Agriculture Department. We would like to thank SRM Environmental Club as well as SRM Enactus Team and other members who came for this plantation drive, helped and pushed us towards our goal. We like to thank you Mrs. Paromita Chakraborty for represented us in the drive. In the end we would like to thank EWB India and EWB Chennai for all their guidance at each level or at the time of any problem.
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