EWB MJCET in Airtel Hyderabad Marathon


The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon is the second largest city marathon in India and every year thousands of students volunteer and cheer for Hyderabad at the marathon showing runners from all around the globe what Hyderabad hospitality is all about.

The 2015 Marathon is their 5th edition and is organized by the Hyderabad Runners Society, a non profit organization founded in 2007 to encourage active and healthy lifestyle among all age groups in the cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The Marathon attracts thousands of people from all walks of life promoting the spirit of fitness in the city. The 2014 edition witnessed the support of 1500 student volunteers manning the aid stations and traffic marshalling for runner safety.

So EWB MJCET took the initiative to be a part of Airtel Hyderabad marathon. For publicity of the event the posters were posted in the college premises to get more volunteers for AIRTEL HYDERABAD MARATHON.

Volunteers from EWB MJCET:

IMG_4972EWB MJCET was allotted two sections from Nagarjuna Circle to post KBR park with a stretch of about 6 kilometers to control the traffic marshalling and cheering the runners. This time, 67 volunteers have engaged themselves in to the event from EWB MJCET. All the planning for this event started almost one month before. On the day of the event all the volunteers assembled at the respective aid station at as early as 4.30 AM and respective jobs were assigned to them.

Volunteers at Tv9 Aid Station:

1This aid station was the first of the two aid station consisting 37 volunteers. This aid station had to coordinate station at KBR (handled by EWB MJCET) by giving the information of the runners regarding the registration numbers of leading runners. The tv9 section was very strong as they cheered up the runners with the great enthusiasm, there were all working cooperatively and even when runners in bulk approached we could handle the situation.

Volunteers at KBR Park Aid Station:

2This was the second aid station of EWB MJCET. This station was consisting of 30 volunteers. They were receiving information about the runners from the tv9 section team. As it was more distance between these two stations runners felt thirsty so the volunteers showed great interest in handing over the Gatorade to them and cheering them a lot.

Thus EWB MJCET has played its role to conserve and promote ‘the spirit of running’ through its volunteer support and publicity to the event.

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