Construction of bio toilets at Chapalpada – Gitam Vizag


Project Report Prepared and Submitted by: Mr. Praneeth Behara
B.Tech (ECE) completed 2K15
Student Chapter of GU
EWB (India)

Serving the society with technology is the motto of EWB (India) as well as the motto of every Ewbian of the student chapter of EWB, GITAM University at Visakhapatnam.
Especially, “SWATCH BHARAT”, the motivation given by our Honorable Prime minister and his call to provide a toilet to every house as part of CLEAN INDIA, our student chapter of ENGINEERS WITHOUT BORDERS, GITAM –VISAKHAPATNAM has taken up the project for construction of bio toilets for the poor people.
Villages are the places where help, resources and support which are needed the most. So we have chosen a village called Chapalpada near Bheemli (Visakhapatnam) which is at 20 mins driving distance from our university. Since we are students and we chosen the village based on our priority as it is near to the main road for us to make an easy visit for any required maintenance.
Mr. Sandeep Gonti (B.Tech-EEE, 4th YEAR), the President of our student chapter is the coordinator of this project. Mr. Sandeep with the team: Mr. Praneeth Behara (4th Year B.Tech – ECE), Mr. B. Uday (3rd Year B.Tech – Civil), Mr. Raghuram (2nd Year B.Tech – Mechanical), Mr. Basha (2nd Year B.Tech – Civil), Mr. Sai Vedav (2nd Year B.Tech – Civil) and Mr. Prudhvi (2nd Year B.Tech – Civil) went to Chapalpada for preliminary survey in the entire village for the places where these toilets are needed the most during first week of April, 2015. Initially there was objection and there was no proper response. The team has took a challenge and in the next week i.e., in the second week of April, 2015 has created awareness about the design, mechanism of bio toilets and financial aid.
With this report, we approached Dr. Ashok Agrawal, Director and Shaukat Mirza, Chairman of EWB (India) for the financial assistance and received Rs. 20,000/- towards project.
In the third week of April, the team went to the village along with Faculty advisor Dr. Kantamreddi and Dibatanaya Joradar, Advisor EWB (India) for verified the location and finalizing the places for construction. Finalized two house for construction.

Project 1:
This place is owned by an old couple with female grand children and had a small house with asbestos top. Hence we chose this place.






Team: This project is being headed by the Secretary, Mr. Praneeth Behara (ECE), Mr. Basha (Civil) and Mr. N Sai Vedav (Civil). The coordinator is Mr. Sandeep Gonti (B.Tech-EEE, 4th YEAR), the President of chapter.

Status of the project: Started (26th May 2015) and completed (30th May 2015).

Project 2:
There is a small hospital for emergencies run by Mr. Gopi. Hospitals are important places of hygiene and sanitation. This is a place where people get aware of proper maintenance of health and sanitation. Hence we considered this place for a bio toilet construction to spread awareness about its uses and implementation.


BT3 BT4 BT5Team: This Project heading by Mr. Uday (Treasurer), Mr. Prudhvi (civil) and Mr. Raghuram (Mech). The coordinator is Mr. Sandeep Gonti (B.Tech-EEE, 4th YEAR), the President of chapter.
Status of the project: It is in the verge of completion yet.

We specially thank the Director of EWB (India), Dr. Ashok Agarwal and Shaukat Mirza, Chairman, EWB (India) for financial assistance, encouragement, motivation and support. We sincerely thank, Mr. Dibatanaya Joradar, Professional member of EWB (India) and Director Think Different Firm for his technical advice and guidance to us for completing these projects. Also, we thank our beloved Faculty Advisor Dr. Kantamreddi for his constant encouragement, motivation and support.








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